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Al Lamsa Al Fannya Stationery L.L.C (Artistic Touch)
(Fine Art Materials, Stationery, Copy Center, AutoCAD Plotting, Computer Accessories, Gift Items)

The growing interest in visual art in the Middle East, especially in the UAE, more over the Art and Design courses in the educational institutions in the region, demand professional fine art materials.  

Artistic Touch is an exclusive shop with professional quality fine art materials from US, Europe and Asia for professional artists and fine art students.

Three different qualities of products are offered in the shop; the first one is, international quality professional fine art materials for practicing artists, second is, middle-quality fine art materials for university students for moderate price and final one is, products for school students and for beginners. We offer a wide range of fine art materials like Chinese and Japanese handmade paper to traditional oil colours from Europe as well as genuine artist quality canvas, drawing materials, ink, brush, and verity of papers for drawing and painting. We also offer technical equipment for designers, moreover a copy and plotter center for graphic design, architectural drawings as well as 3D visualization and its prints.

In addition, we sell Computer Accessories and consumable items, like cartridge and tonner moreover a luxury gift section included with Mont Blanc, waterman, Sheaffer, parker etc.

The founder and partners are internationally recognized artists with long years of experience in the field of fine arts and design and teaching experience from universities.

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